Pet Care Specialists


Erin DeSalvo is a Pet Care specialist who has been with Bethany Animal Hospital since September of 2000 and began her career in the animal care field in 1997. Her primary responsibilities include providing care for our boarding guests by ensuring they receive medications on schedule, are fed, exercised, bathed, and other general care needs.

“Everyone here is like a second family; very caring and thorough,” she says. “I feel everyone really wants to be here and takes pride in their job, no matter what their job is.”

She has a three-legged cat named Smokey, a Chihuahua named Ava and a Bloodhound named Bernie.


Pet Care Specialist Carlyn Aumiller credits his one-of-a-kind helpful, inquisitive personality as well as his thirst for learning with his success at Bethany Animal Hospital. Carlyn earned his BA in Communications from Northern Illinois University, but quickly discovered that animal care was his calling.

"I've been a pet sitter since grade school," he says, "but this is my first official animal care job. I love it!"

During his free time, Carlyn enjoys catching up on his favorite TV shows. He also spends time visiting his grandma and "learning her baking secrets."


Sadie Downing joined Bethany Animal Hospital in 2009 as a Pet Care Specialist and took a leave in 2011 after having her daughter. She returned to the Pet Care Specialist team in 2015 and now also acts as the Marketing Director. Some of Sadie's responsibilities include connecting Bethany Animal Hospital with the community and its events, as well as caring for clients' pets who stay for boarding. Sadie has many years of experience working within the pet industry and also co-managed an animal rescue from 2012-2015.

Sadie says, "I love getting to know the pets and their owners. Everyone that enters the hospital has one common ground and it's that we all love pets. So, to me, work is a happy place to be!

Outside of work, Sadie spends her time with her husband, Luis, and daughter, Olivia. They enjoy sharing their home with their dogs and a cat named Chicken.